A book by Adrian Chong Yeak.


Adrian Chong Yeak, or if you know him well enough to call him simply Chong, is proud to present his first book, titled FORM.


The FORM that Chong explores is that of the Human FORM, FORM that exists in its finest and most pure. Chong’s love of fluid lines and shapes in divine motion, are now thrillingly captured in their static photographic glory.


His love and devotion behind the scenes has now transcended to behind the lens. His use of constant light and detailed direction of talent shows in the imagery that is both detailed, beautiful and the perfect homage to the craft of Herb Ritts.


FORM is a collection of nudes featuring Melbourne’s crème de la crème of the performing arts and entertainment industry.


“I am very, very lucky and blessed to have such amazing friends who have volunteered their naked FORM for this book. At first I was apprehensive as to who would say yes to the project but after initial contact I ended up so many amazing requests that I had to cut back due to size of the book”.


Having been in the events and entertainment industry for over 15 years as a performer and manager, Chong had been encouraged and inspired by all and sundry to accomplish his long-time dream of his very own exhibition in 2012 (Form Series) and now his first book, FORM.


Chong would like to thank and acknowledge the amazing and hard working people of ABCR (Australian Breast Cancer Research) in all their efforts to raise funds for research, in the hope we can live in a world where breast cancer is a mere footnote in history books.


All proceeds from the sale of this book (2 years of sales) was donated to Australian Breast Cancer Research, a cause near and dear to Adrian’s heart through his mother’s battles with breast cancer (3 times and won every time!).


“IT’S estimated that in 1 in 8 Australian women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and almost 3,000 Australian women are expected to die from the disease each year. Breast Cancer and cancer in general, is and has been, with us for too many years and caused numerous heartaches and loss of loved ones”